What to Bring

What to Bring
Clothing: Light-weight; it may be very hot and there is very little air-conditioning
Footwear: Keep in mind trying to stay cool and also consider possible walks through the woods, dancing, wet weather, etc.
Raingear: There is a good chance there will be rain, maybe thunderstorms. Raincoat, poncho, umbrella
Sun protection: Sun hat, sunscreen, lightweight clothing to keep sun off, sunglasses
Insect repellent (mosquitos, ticks)
Water Bottle and/or travel mug with your name on it
Daypack/fanny pack/messenger bag to keep your “day-use” items in
Anything you want to share – old pictures, fun outfits, etc.
Notebook and pencil for writing contact info, etc. Cell phone coverage in this area may be poor.

Please also bring your own supplies of snacks and light fare—we’re not used to cooking for these numbers, and there could be some glitches (or some lines you don’t want to wait in).  While we plan to have coffee, if you have to have it to make the day worthwhile, we suggest bringing some instant or other form of easy to prepare.

If you’re camping at the Conference Site you should also bring:
Tent and tent fly in case of rain
Sleeping bag or bedding / pillow
Air mattress/foam if you want for padding
Pink plastic flamingos, yard lights (battery or solar powered) or other campsite décor additions