Cameron and Mosha, circa 2000, stalwarts of the dairy program at the time.

You may have heard of NPR’s StoryCorps, where two people who know each other well talk about a time in the life of one of them. We’re going to have our own Twin Oaks StoryCorps Booth operating at 50th Anniversary, gathering ex-members stories of when they lived here.

This will be an independent production, not connected with NPR. The booth will be set up with recording equipment the whole time (both audio and video), set up and ready to use, with a sign-up for bookings (for those who plan ahead). We will have interviewers and technicians available for assistance as well.

Long-term member Pam Dawling will be the organizer for this (bio below). Here’s her plan. Let us know if you have any questions. Use the contact form or write us at anniversary at twinoaks dot org.

How would this work?

It could work in any number of ways. An individual ex-member could show up and be interviewed or do a self-interview. Two ex-members who lived here together could sit and talk over life at Twin Oaks “back in the day,” with an interviewer or not. A small group of TO ex-member peers could discuss their time here, with a moderator or just as a casual conversation. However you want to do it!

We need help! 

We’ll need loans of recording equipment and people who know how to use it. If you either have equipment you’re willing to loan, and/or would be willing to be available for technical assistance, please let us know.

If you’re excited about being an interviewer or moderator please let us know.

How will the recordings be used?

We’ll have clear release forms for people to sign. Each participant can say if and how their material could be used: Twin Oaks Archives only, TO +UVA (our old archives usually go there), clips on the TO website, sent to the Louisa local history museum; with their real name or not; sound and video or sound only. We may run some early footage during the weekend too.

Bring photos!

Please also bring photos from your life at TO. We’ll have someone on hand to scan them, which we will post as a visual collage and use to produce a slide show.

IMG_0042Pam Dawling  has lived at Twin Oaks Community for 24 years, growing vegetables and berries for 100 people on 3.5 acres, and providing training for members in sustainable vegetable production.  In her time at Twin Oaks she has worked as a planner, land planning manager, bees manager, finisher of chair frames at Emerald City, sawyer and handler at the sawmill. She also earns money for the community by writing for Growing for Market magazine, and has a book, Sustainable Market Farming, which was published in February 2013.,